How to black out your S550 Mustang or any other vehicle

One of the cheapest and easiest mods you can do to make your car unique is to black out the emblems. On the V6 and Ecoboost models this is very quick since there aren’t any side badges. For the GTs it is still a simple mod but it will take a little more time since you have 4 emblems to do instead of just two. The total cost of this mod is roughly $15-20 takes roughly 2-3 hours. The other option is replacing the badges which can damage the paint since you have to head up the emblems to pry them off and it would cost about 10 times as much.

You will need:

Water and rag

Plastidip – $10 or so at Home Depot. There are multiple colors, I just used their standard black.

Painters Tape – There are many brands you can use- I use Frog Tape – Delicate. I’d recommend it, it’s about $5 at Home Depot and very easy to use. It’s not very sticky so it’s easy to peel off and doesn’t leave any adhesive.

Paper – Newspaper is the easiest but really any type would work.

Step 1: Clean the emblems.

Take your time and make sure you clean all of the edges on and in between the letters. This step is extremely important because if the emblems are not clean the plastidip will start to peel and you will need to redo your work. Make sure there aren’t any bugs, goo, dust, etc on them.

Step 2: Tape off around the badges.

For the 5.0 badges and the decklid badges tape off a square around them. You want to leave some space between the tape and badges as this will help when removing it. Tape a square and then after you have the square taped off start taping newspaper around the outsides of the square. This is to prevent overspray getting on other parts of the vehicle. If you do get it on other areas it will rub off but it can be tedious so it will save you some time.

For the Pony on the front – this one is tricky. You have two options, you can either remove the Pony or you can tape off around it. Removing it is a bit of a pain so I personally just taped around it. It takes some time but carefully use small pieces of tape to get an outline around the badge and then slowly go over to get a bigger area covered. Eventually you will want to tape newspaper to it. Since the grill is open make sure to cover all of it so you don’t have any overspray going into the engine bay.

Step 3: Spraying

This is the most important part. I highly recommend doing it in an garage with plenty of ventilation. The fumes are not good for you so a mask is recommended. If you do not use a mask make sure to not breath in the fumes. I would also not do it when it’s windy outside as it can mess with the newspaper and the spray itself.

You are going to do multiple coats and allow about 15-20 minutes in between each coat. When you spray you want to spray the entire square, not just the badge. This is because you will peel from the tape and it will peel off of the paint and then tear when it gets to the emblem leaving just the emblem covered. Hold the can about a foot away from and do short bursts of 1-2 seconds going back and forth. For the first coat hold it at a straight angle going back and forth. On the next few coats spray at different angles. I did 5 coats for each emblem- 1 spraying each direction – 1st straight on, 2nd angled left, 3rd angled right, 4th angled down, 5th angled up. The plastidip doesn’t run like paint so you do different angles to ensure you are getting in all the cracks on the emblems. Spray the first coat for all of the emblems, wait 15-20 minutes, do another coat on all emblems, and repeat until you’ve done the amount of coats you want. I would do between 3-5 coats.


Step 4: Peeling

After the final coat, allow it to partially dry for 10-15 minutes and then start to peel. Peel the tape up and that should start the plastidip peeling as well. Pull carefully and it should automatically start peeling at the edge of the emblems. Take your time and carefully peel around the emblems. For the 5.0 badges in order to peel in the middle of the 0 I used a toothpick to get it started. Be careful since you don’t want to scratch the paint, but you can pick in the middle of the circle to get the plastidip to start peeling. Once it is peeling use your finger or the toothpick to get it to peel around the inside.

Step 5: Clean up

Rub off any overspray. You shouldn’t need cleaner or to use much pressure. Just use a clean rag and do small circles and it should come right out. If any of the badges are peeling already you may want to consider peeling them off and redoing them. If an edge is peeling it might last a while but it will continue to get worse and worse. I have found that the GT and Pony stay dipped extremely well but the 5.0s can be a bit tricky due to the way they are mounted.

Final Product:

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