Cervini’s Stalker Hood

In my opinion, the Cervini’s Stalker Hood is by far and away the best looking hood on the S550 Mustangs. There are several other options which look good as well- Trufiber, Rk Sport, Mongoose, etc but in my opinion nothing brings out the lines and ferociousness of the Mustang like the Cervini’s Stalker. Intitially when I saw it I fell in love but I couldn’t talk myself into spending $1,200-$1,300 on a visual mod. I loved the way the scoop looked so I looked into cheaper options like the Roush hood, MMD, FoMoCo, etc and they are all ok looking, but they still didn’t hit me the way the stalker did. For a few months I sat trying to justify the cost until finally one day I just pulled the trigger. My only regret is not having done it sooner.

I ended up getting the hood itself from LMR.com with a discount for about $750, and then I took it to my local high end body shop which was an additional $500. If you don’t want to have it painted you can order it directly from Cervinis.com for around $1,250 with free shipping. People are pretty happy with the way they come, but they will never be a perfect match unless you have the fenders blended by an actual body shop. I also had the vents painted Gloss Black which really makes them pop. Overall the fitment was absolutely fantastic. When the piece arrived it was pretty much prep, paint and install which went as smooth as using an OEM part according to the shop.

Overall the hood makes the car look much more aggressive and really transforms it into a headturner instead of just another ordinary Mustang GT. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend it and if I had to do it all over I would make the same decision again. It’s the perfect blend of aggressiveness, while still matching the nature of the car and not being “too much”. The only downside in my opinion is the scoop is truly 100% open- there is no mesh or anything preventing anything from flying into the engine bay. Cervini’s has a separate part that you can buy for approx. $150 which will block the back of it and funnel the air straight to your intake which I plan on buying. For the price though, I feel like they could have included that with the hood. Either way, it’s still a fantastic hood with OEM quality. If you are looking to make your S550 truly unique, check it out!

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