Best Cold Air Intake for Mustang GT

The intake that has been taking the Mustang community by storm is the PMAS Velocity intake. Most companies have wild claims about horsepower gains for cold air intakes but no stats to back it up. PMAS is not one of those intakes. They debuted in the summer of 2016 and the results are astounding.

PMAS Stock Image

They offer the intake in two forms- 1 is a tune required version and the other is a no-tune required version. The tune version runs about $250 and the no tune version is about $325 depending on who you get it through. The big difference between the two is on the no-tune version is comes with a new Mass Air Flow sensor. When you replace this it allows the car to increase the performance without dealing with a tune. With the Tune only version the tuner itself will recalibrate the airflow using the stock maf.

Traditional Cold Air Intakes make a few more horsepower 5-10ish with a tune with the idea that the air will be colder allowing the engine to produce more power due to the design of the airbox. The PMAS intake takes a different approach- it not only allows colder air, it is an absolutely huge intake so it takes in much more air. This has allowed many people take make upwards of 15-20 wheel horsepower without even a tune. For $325 and without voiding your warranty that is a ridiculous return on investment. In addition to horsepower gains, this has been tested at the dragstrip

Check out the thread on Mustang6g for the track results:
Original Thread

With a lund tune the “no-tune” version ran a 0.15 seconds faster with a gain of 1.5 mph trap on the 1/4 mile. The “tune” version ran 2 tenths faster and a whopping 3 mph faster trap. These were all done in the same car right after the other so pretty much as controlled an experiment as you can get.

I personally have run the no-tune version for about 9 months and have loved it. This weekend I’m switching over to a Livernois E85 tune so I’ll replace the stock MAF and have the tuned version of the PMAS intake. I have had no issues and you can definitely tell the difference. In addition to the power gains a cool side effect is the whistle you will hear. Under light acceleration it sounds like a mini turbo spooling up from the giant intake sucking in cold air.

The fitment and install is great. It takes about 30 mins to an hour to install and then you’re good to go. The fitment is good, but you need to be careful and you might have to adjust the angle to get the hood to clear. I personally have had no issues but some users have reported they needed to adjust it a bit to fit since it’s so huge.

PMAS Installed

Overall it’s a fantastic intake and the only intake I’m aware of with the Mustang’s that have proven evidence from someone other than the vendor showing huge gains. Money well spent 100%.

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